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  • Alaska Vacation Diary: Putting The AK Back in Hanakkah

    I am not travelling to Alaska on assignment to experience Christmas with people who use the term “Baby Jesus” without irony or sarcasm. Or people who line their staircases with nutcrackers. I am here to spend it with friends, though I am surprised to find that I could easily write that piece. If anyone is […]

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  • Observations From An Hour in the Seattle Airport Bookstore

    I guess the Seattle airport is one of the best to spend three hours. Not  because my phone failed to update its time display, thus fooling me to believe I only had two hours right up until I was standing quite alone in gate N3. That could have happened in any airport. The Seattle airport […]

  • www.killertrackman.com

    “High Registering” – it is a bit like drunk registering, but instead of creating a website based on the drunk registration of a domain name, you take some Percocet and buy a domain name for a website you only created for educational purposes while following an HTML tutorial. Then you make it something that needs […]

  • Positive Feedback

    I am usually not one to be overly effusive or wordy in my E-Bay feedback, but I just had to write you a personal note and let you know how much I enjoyed my lime-green bathrobe. Despite the fact the internet has multiple places to buy used medical equipment or funny Chia mohawks for bald […]

  • Theme Party Games

    Theme parties and party games have been around forever, or at least as long as humans didn’t have to worry about where the next meal would come from. So with the rise of convenience stores came inventive new ways for people to amuse themselves by gathering together and dressing up in 80’s spandex. I’ve been […]

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  • Crock Rockin’ Beets: French-Berry Turkey Breast

    Ingredients: 1 Turkey Breast – I recommend getting one of these at least 6 days after Thanksgiving. They will be really cheap and mostly thawed out anyway from being moved around from the front of the store to the middle to the back. 1 Pack of Onion Soup Mix – Most similar recipes on the […]

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