Review #1: Subway’s BBQ Pulled Pork

Some website out there is assessing the 100 best foods in Phoenix, Arizona, day by day.  It’s inspired me to begin my own 100 best food items I’ve found here in town. Except it probably won’t be limited to food, more like reviews of anything I encounter on a daily basis. And if I manage to do it every day, then that would be a minor miracle, an increase of my writing schedule by an exponent of hundreds.

For the first day, I’ll stick to food since I don’t want you giving the other website any traffic, especially when my item would rank among the top ten, anyway. It’s the new BBQ pork pulled sandwich from Subway! I imagine people in other parts of the country may be able to enjoy this, too. If it is only some sort of regional promotion then I would highly recommend making a trip.

To fully understand the historical lineage of this sandwich, we must travel back roughly 8 years to when Subway offered a shredded BBQ chicken sandwich. It was made from Lloyd’s meat – the most delicious chicken you can by in a small tub for less than 5 dollars at a grocery store. The loose meat swam in an ocean of bright red BBQ sauce – it was a challenge to hand-eat;  a fork and in some cases, a bowl, would have been more appropriate for the soup of black olives and green peppers (the best toppings if you were doing it right). This new hoagie does not have nearly as much sauce – it is squirted on. Sure, the pork is a perfect level of loose and chunky, but certainly would have been better had it been left to marinate.

Other than that minor imperfection, the sandwich is a total meat dream –  succulent and  flavorsome. Of course, you are bound to be wondering if, like everything else at Subway, it is a natural diarrhetic. The answer is, unfortunately, yes. Maybe even more so.  But once you get past that small inconvenience, it’s truly a great meal.