Positive Feedback

I am usually not one to be overly effusive or wordy in my E-Bay feedback, but I just had to write you a personal note and let you know how much I enjoyed my lime-green bathrobe. Despite the fact the internet has multiple places to buy used medical equipment or funny Chia mohawks for bald people, it is virtually impossible to find this exact shade of robe. The only other one I could find, also on E-Bay, was used and looked like it was still damp in the picture.

As you probably guessed, I needed it for a Lance costume (Eric Stolz in Pulp Fiction… the drug dealer… he was in the movie for 5 minutes). Why you didn’t advertise your green robe “as worn by Lance” is beyond me, although I am thankful since that surely would have driven the price up. The party, at which everyone dressed as a Quentin Tarantino character, was a huge success and almost every person recognized me once I told them who I was supposed to be.

The robe does not even to suffer from the many ailments other robes in this price range (under $20) do. I am just judging by comments made on many other retailer sites. This did not come apart in the dryer, smell like chemicals, give me a rash on my bottom, or have a toothbrush in the pocket (which might have suggested it was actually a used item).

Without your help and fast shipping, none of this would have been possible. And I think I am going to wear it out nights often, if not every night. Thank you wny_liquidators7841!