Nathan Vs. Nathan

Someone has spam attacked me by submitting my personal e-mail to various mailing lists, clubs, etc. I can only imagine that it is Nathan the Mover, upset that I have ruined his life by wittily replying to e-mails people mistakenly sent to me instead of him. The joke? Not on me, as I have had one of the most productive days of my life.

I have begun the early process of applying for the Army, subscribed to 11 magazines (including Good Housekeeping), will be receiving a trial sample of a penile enlargement wonder-pill, and have learned to read Spanish just by so much exposure.

Of course, it is also somewhat annoying that I now belong to 18 right-wing forums on the internet. So for that, Nathan the Mover will have to pay… dearly. Probably with his job, as the moving company I plan to form will be able to steal all the business I get from his misdirected e-mails… unless someone else did this, someone else who just doesn’t like me… oh, man, that could be anyone.