Reviews of Stuff I Bought on the Internet

Lavie Vitamin Dispeser: Put all your various pills in one BIG pill jar with several partitions so they won’t get mixed up… unless you shake it up real hard. Many see this as a con. I see it as an astonishing opportunity to try new combinations and experience some crazy mornings at work.

Air Therapy Key-Lime Aerosol: This stuff is amazing.  It Demolishes. To put it simply, it is like a key-lime tank defending the beaches of S**t Hill. The real S**t Hill is in Germany I believe, but there are also quite a few in my bathroom. I must warn against getting a little too aggressive and squeezing off a “pre-spray” into the toilet. If this stuff gets anywhere near the testicular area you will be very sad (in a way that burns).

Wood Vertical Letter Holder: I bought this to put my Netflix movies in because of the disorder stray Netflix envelopes will bring to a condo. It is pretty much perfect for said function. One could probably purchase this for 5 dollars at the nearest office store or mega-mart. Paying triple that, plus shipping, and waiting 1-3 weeks only to get one with a dented corner may seem to be an unnecessary hassle. SEEM. But THAT is the beauty of underwear shopping.

Coconut and lime Shampoo and Conditioner Samples: This stuff is amazing. It’s one of those things that I would to take to a deserted island, even if I could only bring 5 items. Even if the island already had coconuts and limes, which (let’s face facts) it probably would.

Game Show Moments Gone Bananas DVD: I was expecting some moments from game shows that were bananas. This is what I feel the title promised. I feel that most of the moments were far from bananas. Maybe one or two moments were bananas. The other moments were a little crazy, but not bananas. Save your money and get something like All-Star Family Feud Moments, which is certainly much more truthful in it’s title. General Hospital Vs. the Brady Bunch? That’s  bananas.