Nathan the Mover, Part 3

I got this for the other Nathan…

“Hi Nathan,
Attached is the copy of my check, front and back, which was sent to you for my October payment which seems to be in question.  As you can see, I sent you a copy on November 22nd.  Hope this gets the issue resolved.

Thanks, and Happy New Year,
Carolyn Mulry”

And my reply…

Dear Carol Murphy,

I do vaguely remember getting your first e-mail, but it seemed meaningless to me since I could not figure out a way to turn this poorly copied and already processed check into cash. I thought about sending you a funny reply then, but you at least deserve a serious answer now.  I never got the check but this was no shock to me as I don’t own any vans or storage units, so it wouldn’t make much sense for you to pay me for them. If I did own a van, however, you would be more than welcome to rent it. I’m guessing it would be pretty awesome – maybe with a mural of Willow and Mad Mardigan painted on the outside.  Your $325 for an hour or two would seem about right. Here are some of the things I would probably spend it on:

1.    A mural of John McLane and John Rambo on the other side.

So as you can see, it would have gone to some really important stuff.  Please let me know if you would like to send me another check,