Doubt & Defiance: Taken

Those were the last 3 movies I had from Netflix – Doubt, Defiance, and Taken. I think you would have a pretty good movie by combining all 3 of the titles. Combining all 3 of the plots would be pretty good, too – a provincial nun and “progressive” priest butt heads and team up to rescue a kidnapped altar boy working as a sex slave in a Nazi forest. Given the awesome nature of such a movie, it would probably fail miserably at the box office. But the title should definitely be used for something – it has words that imply conflict, duality, and subtle ennui.  I know the public loves complex titles because Transformers 2 made 200 billion dollars on its opening weekend. Its subtitle is Revenge of the Fallen – it works on many levels because not only did the Decepticon robots “fall” in the first one, but there is apparently a transformer actually named “The Fallen”. That is fuckin’ brilliant, man.