The Creek Season Finale

In the season finale of Dawson’s Creek, it is the future and Dawson Leery is in Hollywood producing a The Creek, a show based on his life on Dawson’s Creek. Oh, the mind boggling convolutions of the show-within-a-show.

I wished I lived in the universe of the WB. In that world, The Creek is only getting started, its first season coming to a successful end, many heart-wrenching seasons still ahead. Also in that world, regular dads look like Treat Williams and a town called Gilmore is full of hot daughters and liberal moms dating new guys every week (I think that’s what the show is about, anyway.)

Instead, I’m stuck in this world where Pacey gets the girl. But in that world, there is still hope for Colby and Sam on The Creek, while the notion of Peety horning in on the action is not even a consideration. I’ve always thought of myself as a Dawson/Colby (depending on the universe I’m in) except without the ambition, good looks, or ability to lose my virginity before the age of 29. Such as it is, it pains me to see Pacey, the aloof, trouble-making, teacher-sleeping, yacht-deckhand bad-boy win Joey.

Plus, if I lived in the WB but was somehow still had the knowledge of the real world, I could not only enjoy The Creek, but hunt down Pacey in New York and kill him in a “random” mugging, then win over Joey because I would naturally be much cuter in the WB world just like everybody else.

Even better, since James Van Der Beek would not be an actor in this world, just a television writer for a low-rated series, the movie Varsity Blues would not exist, or it would exist with Marc Blucas as the star, either of which is preferable. Speaking of Marc Blucas, Buffy’s old boyfriend, I also have a few thoughts about life in the UPN universe, but I’ll save that for later.