Dear Nathan

Dear Nathan,

Since moving out of my parents’ home, I’ve always shared an apartment with a roommate. I work full-time on a night shift and don’t make enough money to live alone.

About six months ago, I got a new roommate. The first week “Nicole” lived here, her boyfriend “Steve” stayed over every night. I thought maybe she was nervous in a new place or scared of the dark, so I didn’t say anything, but the situation is getting worse.

Now her new boyfriend “Gabe” not only spends every other night here, but he comes and goes even when “Nicole” isn’t home. A week ago, after “Nicole” left for work, “Gabe” came by in the morning and hung around until late afternoon. He showered, changed his clothes, watched television and left before she came home. I’m not sure, but I think I saw his penis through a crack in the bathroom door when he was drying off.

“Gabe’s” a nice person, which makes me feel guilty for not wanting him around, but I need my privacy… and he need his privacy, right?! One of the reasons I selected “Nicole” for a roommate was because she works days and I work nights. I assumed this would give us both breathing space. I didn’t count on “Gabe” lousing up the schedule. Also, “Steve” was back with some guy named “John” and they ate breakfast here in their underwear, yesterday morning… and that was my cereal!

Am I being unreasonable to expect these guys to spend less time here? If not, how do I tell Nicole without hurting anyone’s feelings? Please answer soon. I’m feeling… CROWDED OUT IN SACRAMENTO

Nathan says, “Hang in there.”


Dear Nathan,

My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over one month and we really love each other. She’s already let me go “up the shirt” but when are you really pushing the limit? I mean, is there a certain limit we, as Catholics, should have? I don’t know what I should do! Sometimes, I really hate church! — CONFUSED CATHOLIC TEEN

Nathan says, “Down the pants, sport-o.”


Every two years, my family members gather for a holiday weekend, the Semi-Annual “Jones” Family Picnic, we call it. I usually host this little event at my home because I am geographically situated in the middle. I also have a large collection of board games and my husband has the biggest grill. These weekends are always filled with laughter and fun.

The problem is that one of our relatives, “Cousin Sally,” is a kleptomaniac. Invariably, after she has visited, I discover that something is missing from my home. It never has been anything valuable or expensive — usually a trinket worth about $10 — but this year, it was different. Shortly after the family get-together, I discovered that the TV in the family room was missing. I am not a forgetful person, and I organize my belongings in such a way that I know where everything is. I know for certain that the TV was stolen. It weighs like 500 pounds!

Also, someone never flushes the toilet. I don’t know if it’s her, too, but I’m thinking of not serving food anymore!

I feel violated and betrayed. What should I do? I am at my wits’ end. — MISSING THINGS IN DAYTON.

Nathan says, “Loosen up.”