Dark Side of the Internet

singer2In the future, this column will be dedicated to much more subversive stunts like to sign up for Match.com and use the following photo of Beastmaster-era Marc Singer to see how many respones we get and then break all their hearts. Ha-ha. This week, however, we went into a chat room dedicated to the Matrix the night Reloaded came out under the nickname GayMorpheus26589. We wanted to see how fast we could get kicked out or targeted by a some kid who thought he was the real Neo and erase our hard drive…

MCCLANE_98: Just got back from RELOADED, yes
a_drew_ross_film: I loved Reloaded, I’m going to watch it again Saturday
kineticpen: im sitting here explaining shit to you idiots
kineticpen: simple shit
kineticpen: and all you can blab about is neos fight scenes
inner_soul42: everyone go see that movie if you liked the first one
Wulfen13th: I think that was the best freeway chase scene in forever
rvds_left_ovary: God the Matrix ruled it like a mother fucker
GayMorpheus26589: I was at the theater tonight to see Daddy Day Care and all these losers were lined up to see that movie you’re talking about
inner_soul42: i was left with the same feeling from the first matrix
kineticpen: shut the fuck up faggot gaymopres
matrixiispoiler: i’m so sick of all the wannabe intellects our there who try to prove how smart they are by saying everything sucks, but don’t have any intelligent complaints about the movie
lilredrooster420: Hey I just have to get this off my chest KEVIN COSTNER CANT ACT
r8drzfn7: any ladies wanna chat 21/m/cali
GayMorpheus26589: Daddy Day Care was sweet. It was better than Bend it Like Beckham, which kicked asssss!
a_drew_ross_film: whatever, no movie anytime soon is gonna top Reloaded in the action and special affects
inner_soul42: you know what pissed me off the most, i read a critics review of matrix reloaded, he gave it a 1 1/2 star out of 4. bullshit, that movies was unbelievable
kineticpen: anyone can see what a moron you are
GayMorpheus26589: Bend it Like Beckham is a movie about soccer and I said it “kicked” ass, did anyone get that?
travthx: Is the creator of the Matrix was the white guy……….. youd think he’d make white males have the big cocks…..
kineticpen: i really dont have to point it out
tyrelldavis: well can NEO use the matrix to make IT as big as he wants?
GayMorpheus26589: how many of you have painted your walls to look like the matrix symbols, all black with green characters all over and they glow in the dark and trinity is painted on the ceiling?
a_drew_ross_film: Maybe you do shit!
Swah: yeah, I Love How it all ties into the bible, it’s deep
GayMorpheus26589: OK, how many of you DON’T have the NEO Underoos?
kineticpen: neos power is based in VR
kineticpen: why the fuck are you even in here, gaymorp?
inner_soul42: what if this life is a form of a matrix

GayMorpheus26589: Daddy Day Care rocked.. Murphy is the bomb!

***GayMorpheus26589 has been kicked by the channel opperator***