The Zombies and Godzilla

A piece of paper I found at school…

The ferocious Godzilla lives in a haunted house. Zombies found him watching TV and eating people for dinner. The zombies were wearing torn up black shirts and red shoes.

Godzilla looked through the backyard where the zombies were. First, Godzilla is fighting the zombies to death and Godzilla is looking where the zombies are in the backyard. The zombies and Godzilla are using punching skills to fight. They’re in the backyard to see who takes over the mansion.

They are using knives to fight each other in the backyard. Godzilla has won the fight against the zombies. Godzilla is laughing saying, “Ha-ha!”

The zombies are looking where Godzilla is in the backyard. Next, Godzilla is eating all the tiny people for dinner. The zombies are thinking about the plan they’re going to get Godzilla.

Godzilla is looking for where the zombies are. Godzilla has changed his mind that he can tell the zombies something. Godzilla tells the zombies about the friendship they agreed on.

They sit down in the mansion for dinner. They had a delicious steak together. They should get back together in the mansion and call the house a big happy family.