A Letter From Nathan

To whom it may concern,

I recently stayed at your establishment, the Moore Hotel, for three nights. I chose it because it was right next to the Moore Theatre, and I was going to see a couple of concerts there- Gillian Welch and Jim James. Maybe you’ve heard of them? I doubt it, since their fans tend to wear cool shirts, and that was not in evidence where any of your desk clerks were concerned.

Regardless, I don’t really care what kind of music you guys like, even if it includes that new album by Ben Folds and William Shatner (yikes!). But I really wish you would have told me when I made reservations that you didn’t have any heat. Even this oversight wouldn’t have been so bad if my bathroom window wasn’t broken. Every time I had to use the restroom in the middle of the night, it felt like I was stepping outside. In Arizona (where I’m from), I actually do this regularly and enjoy the stars. But in Seattle (where I was visiting), it felt like my feet, hands, and genitals were going to freeze immediately.

Another complaint – I requested a wake up call at 6 am on my last morning there. I was awakened at 9 am by my friend frantically knocking at my door screaming, “You’re going to miss your flight!”. All I could think was, “But I have to keep my genitals warm!” before I completely woke and realized she was right. In explaining the lack of a phone call, the desk clerk informed me that “my phone must not be working”. No shit?

I fully expected to miss my flight since my driver’s license has a faded picture and I’m usually forced to go through the full security screening with all the Koreans and people with a European name. Fortunately, the person who checked my boarding pass and ID was fairly incompetent and waved me through with less than 5 minutes to spare. I don’t think the woman sitting next to me on the flight appreciated it, though. By her facial expression, she was either extremely displeased with her complimentary scone or could tell I didn’t have time to shower.

Because of your convenient location, affordable prices, and the fact I could see the TV while taking a shower, I will definitely stay with you again if I ever return to Seattle. Still, I just had to share with you my negative experience in hopes that you will fix the goddamn window in room 600.


Nathan Fuller

Hello Nathan,

I am very sorry for the experience you had at The Moore. It was & never is our intention for our guests to have an unpleasant stay. We did experience our heating system going down on Monday Oct 4th. I apologize for not having mentioned that fact when you checked in.

As far as the window is concerned…. you are right… you paid for a room that should have had unbroken windows.

I would need to look into the telephone problem but as long as it was programed it always rings the room. So either the clerk did not program it or it ran but did not get ansewered. Either way there was an issue.

So…. to make the situation “right” I can credit your acct the amount you paid for the room, or I can comp your next
stay up to 2 days (not room 600) plus I will throw in 2 tics (row H….dead center)..(provided it is a reserved show)
to any up coming Moore Theatre show. (with the exception of anything Disney produces).