Silent Hill Street Blues

Comparing any two movies based on video games is kind of like comparing the two great polar metal epics of the late 80’s – Iron Maiden’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” (about a caveman waking up after centuries frozen in a glacier) and Metallica’s “Trapped Under Ice” (about slowly drowning under a sheet of ice). They are both equal, except that the songs are equally awesome, while any two movies based on video games are equally crappy. Silent Hill will do nothing to invalidate this equation. The only thing these types of movies have going for them is that they can try to write their horrible computer effects off as an “homage” to their origins. But as usual, as in this case, they quickly become a reminder of where only source material this lame could possibly come from. Positively, the one place that Silent Hill differentiates itself is that if you think about it for a little while (not recommended), it almost makes sense. Most people who rent this are probably just looking to get their Bean on (Sean plays the dad) and he’s barely in it, anyway.